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Urinal & Bowl Air Fresheners


Wave 3D

The #1 selling urinal screen in the world!


Installs correctly every time. The unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance.

  • Eliminate 99% splachback. Innovative splash-reducing lattice, supported by a network of posts that protect teh drain and guarantees that the user installs it correctly each and every time
  • Watch it work. Shrinks as it releases beneficial bacteria and more than twice teh fragrance as competing urinal screens over 30 days.
  • Replacement reminder. Pull off the date tabs to show when to change it.


Dalco Item Numbers:
Cucumber Melon | 021614
Fabulous | 036539
Mango | 030305

The Dome

Urinal Air Freshener


This urinal screen is a better fit for more urinals. Perfect for high domed waterless urinal cartridges and raised drains.

  • Freshens for 60 days, reducing labor as it lasts twice as long as other urinal screens
  • Reminds you when to change it. Simply pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change teh air freshener
  • Protects the drain with its unique dome design that eliminates floating and movement in urinal

Dalco Item Numbers:
Cucumber Melon | 036540
Mango | 036541