XLS Systems Floor Care Program




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XLS Systems Floor Care Program

Offering top quality products and expertise for superior floor care, shine and durability. 


XLS Systems is a floor care program with a high performance superior gloss, durabilty and ease of maintenance. 

The program includes:

  • Needs assesment by a certified floor care specialist
  • Staff training to gain the maximum benefit of XLS Systems products
  • Cost effective system to control labor and supplies
  • Product and programs for daily, interim, and restorative maintenance 

Diamond Gloss - Extreme Performance Floor Finish
Ideal for limited maintenance programs, yet responds to daily burnishing, if desired.
Super Glow - High Performance Floor Finish
Professional-grade finish for all maintenance systems: no-buff, spray-buff and high-speed systems. 

Super Strip - Floor Finish Emulsifier
Agressive formula powerful enough to remove multiple layers, build-up or highly burnished finish. 

Super Blue - Heavy-Duty, No-Rinse Cleaner
Great for cleaning heavily soiled, finished floors. 

Super 7 - pH7 No-Rinse Floor Cleaner
Designed for daily mopping or scrubbing of all finished floors.